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In a healthy debate, the speaker has to be prepared to shock his listeners. To let them waver, doubt and maybe even take the risk to insult them. Why? Because convictions can be based on undesirable things such as dogmas and memes. When we lose the willingness to be uncomfortable, the conversation will soon lose its value. With this in mind, Arvid Buit often writes articles, letters and academic interpretations for this website. Much of this writing is published on LinkedIn. If you would like to respond, please feel free to do so on LinkedIn. Your messages will be answered quite promptly. Reactions via email will not be replied. 

14 November 2019

Reactie artikel Radboud Recharge Prof. Marieke van den Brink


Geachte mevrouw van den Brink,

Ik reageer graag op uw artikel in ‘Radboud Recharge’ met als titel ’Nee, een vrouwenquotum is niet discriminerend’. (...