Supervision and mentoring

Structurally and effectively upgrade your professional skills

Being a professional coach, you regularly have peer-to-peer meetings with colleagues.This will help you develop your coaching skills and professional insights. With a certified supervisor you can agree upon specific learning and development goals. Using coach recordings, personal questions, or in practicing together, you can structurally and effectively upgrade your professional skills. If you are looking to be accredited as a professional coach, mentoring is mandatory (ICF 10 hours) and part of the official process.


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EMCC Master Practitioner, ICF Master Certified Coach en Marshall Goldsmith Master Coach

Arvid Buit is an accredited coach with EMCC (master practitioner), ICF (MCC) and Marshall Goldsmith (master coach). He is also an officially registered ICF mentor (ACC/PCC/MCC) and EMCC Supervisor (ESQA certified). After each trajectory you will receive an official document stating your supervision/mentoring hours. It’s also possibly to receive online recordings with Zoom supervision sessions. Live-sessions are possible in our own practice in The Netherlands. Coaches aligned with EMCC/NOBCO and/or ICF, receive a special discount.