Marshall Goldsmith - Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Widely acknowledged approach (Harvard and Wall Street Journals)

Whether or not a leader is able to change his ways, is determined by three characteristics: courage, modesty and discipline. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is known to be the world’s number one executive coach. He received many awards, international recognition and was featured in the Thinkers50 list of extraordinary management and business thinking. True Leadership has adopted and adapted his so-called Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach. As such, we are part of one of the largest executive coaching networks in the world.  We work on big international projects for multinationals and listed companies. 

The process of SCC (Stakeholder Centered Coaching) is clear and takes exactly twelve months to complete. To show you how dedicated we are, we work on a no cure no pay basis. In the fifth, eighth and eleventh month we monitor the results within your company. Should there be no measurable result after twelve months, you owe us nothing. Before we start, we negotiate the terms and conditions. We follow the program meticulously. You will receive all materials, information, science and knowledge upon which this method is based, so your organisation can develop reciprocal leaders independently. 

7 Stages

The first step in the process is an introduction between coach and director. Sometimes the director is joined by another board member and an HR official. During this initial conversation we discuss the problems within the company and determine the leader’s position amongst employees by analysing ’20 ineffective leadership habits’. We also get a general idea of whether the leader possesses the necessary qualities for change (courage, modesty and discipline). We discuss the process and the terms and conditions. Once all parties involved are in agreement and the contract is signed, we can start. 
In stage two, the coach will interview around 20 people within the company. These people have been carefully selected by yourselves. We conduct the interviews in person or via telephone. Interviews take somewhere between 20-30 minutes per person. Answers will be anonymous and randomised. 
During stage 3 we discuss the outcome of the interviews with the leader in question and possibly someone from HR, and based on this we formulate two goals we’ll be working on for the next 12 months. These goals will be based on leadership skills that, according to employees, need work. From the interviewees we will also select 8 stakeholders who work closely with the leader and are able to contribute to his or her development. 
Stage 4 consists of a presentation given by the leader to the group of selected stakeholders. He or she will discuss the process and goals and any requests for support with the stakeholders. The coach is involved at this stage, both during the presentation as the meticulous preparation. In the fifth stage, the leader has monthly conversations with the selected stakeholders. During these five-minute conversations, he or she will simply ask “this my goal this month, have you got any suggestions for me?” The leader and coach will discuss every one of these suggestions and relay any feedback to the stakeholders. Stage 6 we’ll conduct LGPR tests (Leadership Growth Progress Review) that take place within the digital system of Marshall Goldsmith. Stage 7 is the final stage. It involves the transfer of knowledge, so the leader is able to function as a mentor/coach himself. 


It sounds simple, and it is. On paper. In reality this is a very complex process that requires intensive coaching. Your time is more valuable than ours, so even during coaching sessions, you will be available to your clients. You can always call us, there is no hourly limit. We don’t count hours, we count results. Before we start we describe the desired outcome, and you pay for what you get. To get an idea of how successful we are; of the more than 11.000 coaching projects worldwide, 97% were paid in full. That’s why we feel confident offering a no growth no pay arrangement. As part of, and master-certified by Marshall Goldsmith, we’ve been involved in translating the LGPR tests into Dutch. We’ve also helped set up the Dutch part of the website.  Click here to find out more